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Take the beautiful sting of a scorpio
A careless smile and it begins to snow
And it hurts me to think that you might never know
That I?ve got this thing about you

In case you don?t understand
There?s something else I meant to tell you

Chorus :
There is nothing better than being with you
And I?m feelin? so nice !
There is nowhere better than here with you
And it?s feelin? so nice !

Staying up with the moon
And walking home in the rain
Mixed with your perfume and never twice the same
I got a lot to lose but everything to gain
When I really think about it

You haven?t got a clue
It?s all that I can do to hide it


Did I already say
Because you make me forget
I might as well be brave and tell you

Now it hurts me to think you might never know
Will it hurt as much being true ?
I might as well be brave and tell you


Yeah i?m feeling
And it?s feeling
So nice !

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