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Last Chance On The Stairway

I don´t remember quite how I met you wasn´t long ago
Just get a picture of sun, in your eyes
The waves in your hair
Maybe it´s something said in a movie
Or you could´ve said last night
Just took me out on a limb
And I don´t really know what I´m doing here

And sometimes I´m caught in a landslide
My beats so in time can you look at me
I´m out of reach I´ll talk if it feels right
So nervous to say tell me can´t you see
If you want I fall out forever
I can´t say no more... bebe dance with me
And please don´t say leave it till later
I´ve had my last chance on the stairway

Funny it´s just like a scene out of Voltaire twisting out of sight
´Cause when all the curtains are pulled back
We´ll turn and see the circles we traced
Ain´t no game.... when you´re playing with fire
It doesn´t seem right that we fight
So the party runs on all night
Wonder why... what makes me rise so high

Maybe it´s something they put in you perfume
Or the look in your eyes
It could be the atmosphere sinking
I don´t even know what you´re thinking
Don´t even know what you´re drinking
But it keeps this heaven alive

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