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You say I never pay attention
What makes you think I look the other way?
You let me be the judge
I don't believe what they say

Your name came up in conversation yesterday
My best bet was to feign indifference
You've got an awful reputation by the way
The table made a joke at your expense
Didn't believe a word
I don't believe what they say
It smacked of jealousy
I know it's only notoriety

My reputation might precede me baby
Forget the rumours and the hearsay
You think I never pay attention to you
I guess you think I look the other way
I don't care what you've heard
Why d'you believe what they say?
I'll come to your defense
You know it's only notoriety

To hell with our outrageous fortune baby
We've got a sea of troubles in our sights
We don't need recklessness or caution
To catch the gossip-mongers dead to rights
Let them all speculate
They ain't got a clue anyway
Just use your common sense
You know it's only notoriety

Hear no evil and speak no evil
See no evil lest it come your way

(R. Palmer, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, T. Thompson)
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