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Midnight Sun

As I watch you flickering slowly
In the shadows, nothing to hold
It's as if I don't recall our time before
And would it be so wrong - not to remember?

There are times I look at you differently
Like I've never seen you before
Funny after all we've done
You could be someone I don't know at all
Don't know you at all

Catch me I don't want to fall

But you pull the mountain from under me
Look I'm dangling up in the blue
And it's a cartoon coyote eternity
Before I drop down to you
What am I supposed to do now?

There is something beautiful shining
In the far off night of your hair
Funny for a while it seemed to come from the sky
But it's in your head
Yes it fills your head

You an I don't always fly
Let me go I want to fall
Deep into the dark
But I'll come back to you

And I'll always know how to find you
Cause you shine like the midnight sun

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