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To Do You (John Lennon Says)

All I want to do is fly to you and lie with you Darlin'
All I want to do is unpack my suitcase
and lay here with you dear
All I want to do is You - Be One With you

It's easier to like science,
to play by the rules than follow the lions
It's hard to get happy but once you've found how
it can be why settle for less?
All I want to do is You-Be One With you

Put your money before you She said
don't let a drop of rain get you down.
There'll be no others before you He said
don't be afraid of all those lonely nights.
Once you've started you got to finish,
get it over done in once John Lennon says
Forget others before me baby,
I'm the one to mend your heart
Your heart,
your slightly fractured almost broken heart

All I really know is who I am and who I belong to
All we want to do is get down low,
did the earth move for you dear?

All I want to do is you,
get down with you,
be one with you

(John Taylor)
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