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Silent Skin

The silent skin you live in
The secret skin that never tears
The fibre sharp that never wastes
Wrap softly silent tissue,
My thoughts are always with you

The dress that you debut in
Hides more than mystery play
It yields more treasure every day
It stalks its lovers to the grave
In lines and fragrant passing,
My thoughts are everlasting

The silent skin you live with,
the sacred light which glows from you
It sheds a light that no one knows
It leads me to your bed at night
In lies and scarlet slippers
And promises 'forever'

The silent skinny dipping
Makes most of Hollywood night
A shepherdess in cotton fields
The tightest margin to the end
In times of low retention,
My dream is everlasting

I am love in you I am love
I am love in you I am love

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