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Run of the Mill

I cried a river
I cried a river for your years
Pain and torture
The fear
Insane and lonely

I can't die for you
I only wish that I'd been there
To ease your moments
To fan your fading embers

I scream on the outside
For these dizzy prisoners
An evil mistreatment
To service our weaknesses

And in your greatness
Lay a sadness circumspect
that in every victory lost
Only a hollow sound remained

No easy music
When you're locked up in your pen
Some hidden basement
Depraved, deprived abuse meant

I'm sick of the future
It's all stormy corners
Abandoned and beaten
You're just sport for the jailers

God give me a reason for these bloody waters
You get to know just how bad things are
when you know this is run of the mill
And under this armour
Lay a friendly politesse
A gently surging note of hope
Hope for us all
I'm happy for you
You seem to find some peace at last
So complimentary
We are
Of you down here

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