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King Porn

King Porn's left town gone underground we're getting rid of all of his mess
Time he went long overdue we've put up with his view for too long
Lay it down: King Porn's left town
He left before the morning come left before she'd had enough
Packed her bags filled with her stuff made for pastures nearly new
All because of what he do fill his mind with sticky goo
Sticky pages with sticky glue

It's never too late to start anew

King Porn's gone down he been doing the rounds
Of seedy undercover seersuckered up sounds
Word's gone round: King Porn's left town
Lest not we judge just eat your lunch
There's a KP nut under all our garb
Don't look too close or dig too deep
or you'll be setting up with your backpack and keep

It's never too late to start anew

King Porn Check it out...

Uptown downtown taxi cabs looking for the light blue light that shines in his eyes
Don't get caught up on too many red lights
The area's still there but the head's moved on
No longer blue light now warm and tender red
King Porn's gone down he's been doing the rounds
Of seedy undercover seer underground hangs
Word's gone round: Time to get down...

It's never too late

(John Taylor)
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