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Getting Intimate

So I met you-you met me
Our friends were not surprised
"We thought you knew eachother" they laid it on
It seemed like such a -
it seemed like such a good idea us

Getting into it - Getting intimate

Spend so much time together we start to think the same,
Like the same place the same game all this
despite the fact that I'm still involved - it's not resolved
But you YOU - you got faith - you got hope -
you reckon we deserve another chance
who am I to argue with thee?
I'll soon be free

We're getting into it - Were getting intimate
Getting intimate the right way the only way

We holiday in Hawaii like some kind of Brady Bunch.
Having such a good time I'm thinking -
I'm thinking of things I can do to sabotage
to screw it up with you
But the bombs don't explode - like a suicide -
she's just not temperamental
When the road gets narrower - so do we

I wanna know is your heart beating stronger?
I wanna know can you wait any longer?
I wanna know, I can't wait any longer

I'm sick of my suitcase so we make up our minds
I move in with her - I'll be a stepfather
Shoulder to shoulder our Prada and Gucci
I'm starting to feel like Stanley Tucci-
(on a midsummer night)
We're getting into it - we're closing the exits
Commitment's the thing for this little baby
Who am I to complain - I love the lady
and the lady loves me

Getting into it - We're getting intimate
We're Getting intimate the right way
the only way that we know how

(John Taylor)
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