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Out of the Blues

Out of the blues and into the light
Out of the fears and into the flight
That's the way the hero goes

Out of the dark and into the day
Out of the subway and into the rain
That's the way the glory goes
Yeah that's the way the story goes

And it's time
Who's the winner in the end
Who's the subject of the show
Who's the one who holds the rope

It's up to you
To let go and not pretend
To surrender for the win
To begin at the beginning

Into the pale and ou tof the night
Into the substance and into the light (all mine)
That's the way the money goes

Out of the night and into the day
The tears and fear, the tears in may
That's the way the feeling grows

And it's time
What's the conflict of the crime
Where's the center of the scene
Who hangs out and not gives in

It's up to you
To let go and not pretend
To surrender not defend
To begin at the beginning
It's up to you
It's up to you
What you want

It's up to you to get out of the blues

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