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2019-02-12 | Set list - Miami Beach

SET LIST - Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami Beach, FL, USA: Choir Intro, New Religion, Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, Come Undone, Notorious, Pressure Off, I Don't Want Your Love, Ordinary World, The Seventh Stranger, Tempted, White Lines, Girls On Film + Friends Of Mine, A View To A Kill, Rio. (All live shows and set lists are here.)

2019-01-09 | Muse have covered Duran Duran

As part of the Spotify Singles series, Muse have covered Duran Duran’s 1982 hit Hungry Like The Wolf. The rock titans originally performed the track for French music show Taratata last September, but have now recorded a studio version for Spotify – along with a session of their own single Pressure. (Info: kerrang.com)

2019-01-01 | Happy New Year

Happy New Year with much Duran Duran's music for all wild boys and girls on film!
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