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2018-03-21 | News from DD Fan Club

John Taylor / Jonathan Elias - Resume CD + T-Shirt, Button, Postcard and Certificate
Bundle: DD Fan Club - DPRO-29807-BUNDLE (US 2018)
Strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide package with custom numbered 4-page Certificate. Package contents:
- Deluxe edition CD* of original 1985/86 recordings plus 30 minutes worth of bonus material
- 12-page picture booklet with song lyrics
- Exclusive 'I Do What I Do' trade-ad postcard
- 'John Taylor' logo t-shirt (available in M, L & XL sizes)
- 'John Taylor' logo badge
- #-ed Certificate

Resume CD Resume CD Resume CD Resume CD

*The CD is also available separately:
John Taylor / Jonathan Elias - Resume (Deluxe Edition) CD w/postcard
CD: DD Fan Club - DPRO-29807-2 (US 2018)
Strictly limited 2018 Extended Edition CD features original 1985/86 recordings plus 30 minutes worth of bonus material. Presented with 12-page full color picture booklet with song lyrics and rare photography, comes with exclusive 'I Do What I Do' 'trade-ad' postcard.
Original CD professionally mastered and manufactured (not a CD-R). Perfect sound quality (10) mastered from the best possible lossless source material.
1: Dance For Freedom
2: New Work #1
3: I Do What I Do (Theme For 9 1/2 Weeks)
4: music for an untitled movie
5: music for an untitled movie
6: music for an untitled movie
7: Shine On
8: Divisions
9: Tell Me All You Know
Bonus tracks:
10: I Do What I Do (7" version)
11: Jazz (instrumental)
12: I Do What I Do (film stereo mix) featuring Lisa Dal Bello
13: Dance For Freedom (alt master)
14: I Do What I Do (the final cut)
+ Hidden Track!

2018-03-08 | Record Store Day

Duran Duran are excited to have their very special live LP Duran Duran Budokan included as part of this year’s Record Store Day! Captured at Tokyo’s historic venue, Nippon Budokan, on September 20, 2017, this show marked the end of the band’s two year Paper Gods tour which saw them playing to sold-out audiences around the world.
The one-of-a-kind artwork for this LP was created by famed Japanese graphic designer and artist Tadanori Yokoo, to commemorate the band’s Tokyo show, with additional touches from longtime Duran Duran collaborator and esteemed graphic designer in his own right, John Warwicker.
A limited pressing of 2,700 copies will be available on April 21, 2018. We encourage you all to get out there and support indie record stores. Please visit recordstoreday.com to see participating stores.
Track Listing
Side A
1. Paper Gods
2. A View To A Kill
3. Pressure Off/Hold Back the Rain
Side B
4. I Don’t Want Your Love
5. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise/New Moon On Monday
6. The Universe Alone/ Save A Prayer
(Info: duranduran.com)

2018-02-22 | Review: Jazz Festival

Legendary British synth-pop band Duran Duran heroically rolled back the years to deliver a thundering set of their most famous songs on the opening night of the much-anticipated Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival on Wednesday night.
Sounding as good, if not better than they ever did in the ’80s, the band brought their A game to the award-winning Dubai Media city Amphitheatre and drove a sell-out crowd crazy.

Thirty years on, the Birmingham outfit fronted by Simon Le Bon and accompanied by his childhood friends Nick Rhodes and John Taylor looked comfortable enough to delve into their rich catalogue and even blend Duran Duran staples with some of their explosive new music.
Cult music magazine Rolling Stone named Paper Gods, their 2015 release, as a must-hear album, and the band gave full credence to that accolade when their kicked-off the night with a thunderous rendition of the title track from their 14th studio album.
Wearing his trademark white trousers matched with a sky-blue tee shirt and jacket, the ever dapper Le Bon, who earned the reputation of being the ‘prettiest boy in rock’, due to his ridiculously good looks, tore into The Wild Boys from the 1984 release, Arena, which paved the way for the first of their mega hits, A View To a Kill, the title track from the 1985 James Bond Classic film.

Grabbing the chance to relive happy memories from his younger days, Le Bon dived straight into the romantic ballad, Come Undone, from Wedding Album (’85). “This is for all you lovers, Dubai!” screamed Le Bon, who looks much younger than his 58 years.
It’s always a challenge for classic bands to stay relevant in an age dominated by digital media and the mass music that it throws out at today’s hip crowd, but Duran Duran showed the way forward when their debuted Pressure Off, from Paper Gods, infused with Bruno Mars monster hit Uptown Funk to the surprise of fans. Another highlight of the 100-minute set was a brilliant version of Planet Earth, from their 1981 self-titled album, with a piece from Space Oddity, as a poignant tribute to the late David Bowie, who clearly has had a major influence on the band.
Another quintessential band classic, Ordinary World, was delivered with pride and passion by Le Bon who nailed the ballad with every word. Duran Duran was in full flight by this time, and so were the crowd of mostly 40-somethings.
Le Bon didn’t talk much throughout the show except to say that he was glad to be headlining the Jazz Festival event thought, “we aren’t a jazz band!” But he committed himself totally to giving his best on songs he co-wrote with Rhodes and the three Taylors — Andy, John and Roger.
His passion came shining through on an apocalyptic masterpiece, The Universe Alone, which blended brilliantly with Save A Prayer from 1982s best-selling album Rio. Not too many bands can claim to being at the top of their game three decades after they first burst onto the scene with the New Wave revolution, but Duran Duran still pack a punch as their debuted another new medley for the adorning Dubai audience with (Reach Up for The) Sunrise (from 2004’s Astronaut) with New Moon on Monday (from 1983’s Seven and the Ragged Tiger). After leaving the stage for a brief moment Le Bon and Co returned on stage and sent the crowd wild with the hit Rio. What a way to end an incredible night. (Info: gulfnews.com)

2018-02-21 | Set list - Jazz Festival

SET LIST - (Jazz Festival), Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Paper Gods, Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, A View To A Kill, Come Undone, Last Night In The City, The Chauffeur, Notorious, Pressure Off / Uptown, Planet Earth / Space Oddity, Ordinary World, Sunrise / New Moon On Monday, I Don't Want Your Love, White Lines, Girls On Film + Universe Alone / Save A Prayer, Rio. (All live shows and set lists are here.)

2018-02-16 | Andy Taylor (57)

Happy birthday for Andy Taylor (57) from all wild boys and girls on film from the Czech republic!

2018-02-11 | Duran Duran / Wedding Album (25th Anniversary)

As part of The Wedding Album’s 25th Birthday celebrations on the 11th February 2018, Duran Duran Rocks are ecstatic and as pleased as punch to be able to bring to you all a brand new exclusive interview with the legendary John Jones. JJ was the producer behind the helm, the fifth unsung band member of Duran Duran if you like. Together, with Simon, Nick, John and Warren, they put their creative heads together and recorded the follow up album to 1990’s Liberty. Feeling inspired, they spent approximately 18 months in ‘Octavia’, London and between them were able to write, record and eventually release one of the most incredible come back albums from any artist, ever. JJ agreed to take questions from myself and from members from Duran Duran Proboards, an unofficial Duran Duran forum. We did ask if Warren would be able to pitch in but he was otherwise unavailable. We are hoping perhaps he may do something for us at a later date. So John has done his best to answer a few questions that were intended for Warren. .... more on duranduran.rocks

Wedding Album Wedding Album Wedding Album Wedding Album

Too Much Information
Ordinary World
Love Voodoo
Drowning Man
Come Undone
Breath After Breath
Femme Fatale
None Of The Above
To Who It May Concern
Sin Of The City

Non album tracks: Time For Temptation, Stop Dead, Falling Angel
Track 8 written Duran Duran, Milton Nascimento. Track 10 written Lou Reed. All tracks produced by Duran Duran and John Jones except 'Come Undone' and 'Femme Fatale' produced by Duran Duran. Mixes by David Richards, David Leonard, Duran Duran and John Jones. Recorded in Privacy, London. Musicians: Steve Ferrone, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bosco, Tony Taverner, Stuart Every, Lamya and Tessa Niles. Vocal samples on track 4 courtesy of Karen Hendrix and Jack Merigg. Art direction: Nick Egan and Duran Duran. Design: Nick Egan and Eric Roinestad.

Best in the Charts:
UK #4

2018-01-23 | Ordinary World (25th Anniversary)

"ORDINARY WORLD", the 1st single from the album 'Duran Duran' was released 25 years ago...

Ordinary World Ordinary World Ordinary World Ordinary World

7“: 1993 UK (Parlophone; DD 16)
4:43 Ordinary World (single version)
5:00 My Antarctica

CD5: 1993 UK (Parlophone; CDDDS 16)
5:39 Ordinary World
5:25 Save A Prayer [single version]
4:25 Skin Trade
5:00 My Antarctica

CD5: 1993 UK (Parlophone; CDDDPD 16)
4:41 Ordinary World (single version)
4:25 The Reflex (7“ version)
3:25 Hungry Like The Wolf [130 B.P.M. single version]
3:30 Girls On Film

CD5: 1993 NL (Parlophone; 7243 8 80457 2 8)
4:41 Ordinary World (Single Version)
5:06 My Antarctica
5:33 Save A Prayer [single version, actually 5:25]
4:25 The Reflex [7“ version]

CD5: 1993 US (Capitol; C2 0777 7 15894 2 3)
5:39 Ordinary World
5:00 My Antarctica
5:25 Save A Prayer [single version]
5:33 UMF

In the charts:
Italy #2
Sweden #2
New Zealand #3
Ireland #3
USA #3
Norway #5
UK #6
France #6
Euro #10
Switzerland #11
Belgium #13
Austria #15
Germany #16
Holland #16
Australia #18

2018-01-16 | Dolores O’Riordan was found dead

Dolores O’Riordan was found dead Monday morning (Jan. 15) at a London hotel, aged 46. Her death is not being treated as suspicious, British police say.
Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon has paid his respects to Dolores O'Riordan and reminded us of the time he performed with the late Irish singer and a full orchestra on the Cranberries’ classic, “Linger.”
"Beloved Dolores,” wrote Le Bon in a message posted on Duran Duran’s social media accounts. “it’s so sad that you’ve gone from us. We never said goodbye, but you left us with your songs, your beautiful voice and when we listen, we’ll remember all those good times."
The British singer’s tribute accompanies a video of their duet for Luciano Pavarotti’s 1995 charity concert, Together for the Children of Bosnia. The event, held in Pavarotti’s hometown of Modena, Italy, was taped for a DVD and album release with proceeds going to War Child's projects. (Info: billboard.com)

2018-01-01 | Happy New Year

Happy New Year with too much Duran Duran's music for all wild boys and girls on film!
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